Slogan - Religion (feat. Mike 53) (Artwork)

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This is a remade portrait that seeks to continue on the image created by 
Henadzi Makhalka who is an editor at   AfiMagazine and Co Founder of OIL IN THE DREAM.

When a similar portrait was posted on the 16th of July 2017 he captioned it " GOD ? " and used Nastasja BarashKova an artist and a tattooer from Saint - Petersburg ( Russia's biggest city after Moscow ).

Months later " Slogan " and Mike 53 from South Africa | Eastern Cape got inspired by that creation and made it a point that they introduce it to their part of the world.
This simply means who are we to go with the earth given idea or image of who " GOD " is or what he looks like . Who is restricting us from finding our own image and believe in it?
A huge " Thank you " goes to Anita Mzwakali for allowing us to use her as our own " Nastasja BarashKova " . Your ability to see art as art inspires us daily and may you continue doing wonderful work as a model.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is " Slogan x Mike 53 - Religion ( Artwork ) "
Image shot and Edited by : Charles Junior Nqezane
Thank you.

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